Bowser ~ HO ~ SP&S BN Spokane Portland & Seattle Alco Century ~ C-636 #4365 DCC Ready ~ 24414


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Spokane, Portland & Seattle
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DC/DCC Ready

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Bowser HO C-636

DCC Ready

Burlington Northern #4365

Bowser Item #24414


  • Ready to Run and Detailed

  • Railroad Specific Details

  • DCC Ready

  • Operating Beacon Where Applicable

  • Air hoses

  • Windshield wipers

  • Grab irons

  • Coupler lift bars

  • Operating headlight

  • Window glass

  • Can motor with flywheels

  • Nickel silver wheels with RP25 flanges

  • Kadee metal knuckle couplers

Prototype Overview:

The ALCO Century 636 was the most powerful single-engine diesel-electric locomotive constructed by American Locomotive Company (ALCO). It used the ALCO 251 prime mover. The locomotive had a C-C wheel arrangement and 3,600 horsepower (2,700 kW).