Kato ~ HO / N Scale ~ UniTrack Terminal UniJoiner ~ (1 pc) ~ 24-818


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Kato HO / N Scale UniTrack Terminal Joiners (1 pc) 24-818

Terminal UniJoiners are wired, and replace the Feeder Track. They make it easy to feed power to curves or between switches and areas you do not want to plan a small piece of straight track.

- Plugs directly into the KATO Power Pack or can be connected to a power pack with screw type terminals using the KATO #24-843 Adapter Cord (sold separately)
- Up to three Terminal UniJoiners can be used in the same layout for even power distribution connect them together is easy by using the KATO 24-827 3-Way Extension Cord (sold separately)
- 35" long

Kato's line of UNITRACK offers a variety of pieces, turnouts, bridges, structures, and accessories to allow you to build any layout your heart desires, all while ensuring track quality and steady delivery of electricity to your locomotives. Available both as individual pieces and as track sets, let Kato UNITRACK be the first track you put down, and you may never use another track again!