Massoth ~ DiMAX 1210Z ~ DCC Central Command Station ~ 12 Amp ~ 8136501


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Massoth ~ DiMAX 1210Z ~ DCC Central Command Station ~ 12 Amp ~ 8136501


The new compact 12 Amp Central Station comes with a completely redesigned high performance power unit with 12 amp max. track power.

It features adjustable track voltage (14-22 Volt) and adjustable track amperage (4, 7 and 12 Amps). The integrated USB interface allows PC control and automation as well as software updates of the central station and all kinds of connected bus devices.

Supports addresses up to 10239, 14,28,128 Speed Steps, parallel and serial operation, F0 to F28 and 99 Binary State functions, automatic operation, etc.

Based on the large DiMAX 1200Z digital central unit, the compact DiMAX 1210Z central stationt delivers up to 12 amps. Due to the external power supply, the control unit can be used individually for every track width from Z to G. The adjustable output stage (4; 7 and 12 amps) can be optimally adapted to the most varied system sizes. The central unit has an adjustable voltage regulation of 14-22V. In addition to the control, there is an additional overvoltage limiter as a safety measure. This means that the control unit is now also suitable for indoor use with HO,N or similar track widths. The new MASSOTH® bus protocol is already installed at delivery.

Of course, the control panel has a temperature-controlled fan. The PC interface allows the latest firmware updates and function extensions to be directly imported. This means that the head office will always be up to date in the future. A booster interface is integrated. The MASSOTH bus converter can also be used on the DiMAX 1210Z for control via LGB® MZS II control components.

Up to 12 amps track current (depending on power supply)

adjustable maximum traction current in steps 4, 7 or 12 amps
(to adapt to the plant size)
Supply voltage: 16-24 DC
easy to read display in fashionable design (with blue backlight)
optional parallel or serial function data transmission (individually configurable for each locomotive)
thermal overload protection / automatic overheating protection
temperature-controlled fan
automatic short-circuit protection (variable time until switch-off in case of short-circuit)
additional programming track output (with 2 ampere)
operating control lamp
activity indicator light
booster indicator light
STOP/Emergency stop control lamp
Button with STOP function during operation
easy navigation through the menu with 3 buttons
2 x connection for control units (2 on the front)
1 x booster connector on the back for DiMAX and LGB© Booster
2 Amp control bus (up to 31 input and control devices)
Control bus protocol either MASSOTH® or LGB® MZS II
Control via DiMAX – or LGB® MZS components (locomobile phone, universal mobile phone, etc…)
PC-INTERFACE (USB) for firmware updates of all DiMAX bus components (central, mobile phones, etc…)
Note: A PC module is required to perform sound/firmware updates on decoders!
The firmware can be updated with the Massoth Service Tool (included with the Central Station as USB stick)
MASSOTH track protocol 100% compatible to NMRA DCC
LGB® MZS track protocol compatible to NMRA DCC
external power supply with 16 to 24 volts DC voltage
high-quality housing with brushed aluminium front and rear panel
detailed operating instructions (also available as PDF)