Massoth ~ Turnout Switch Drive Machine ~ EVO-S ~ 1 Pc ~ 8444000


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Massoth ~ Turnout Switch Drive Machine ~ EVO-S ~ 1 Pc ~ 8444000

1 Piece

Are you a garden railroader and would like to switch blades on your garden railway as slow as real tracks do? With the EVO-S, Massoth has not only improved the switch drive, but practically reinvented it and filed a patent application for the unique product concept.

What makes it so unique? It offers the typical slow drive, and at the same time the possibility to push open the switch blades from the frog. The EVO-S is the only drive that can switch the drive back to the previous position after opening the blades. Alternately, the drive can be configured in such a way that the switch blades fit closely against the tracks.


The EVO-S is the smallest series-produced drive with an additional integrated decoder and is suitable for all types of switches of any common manufacturers. The DCC decoder supports digital and analog operation without much programming effort, for use directly out of the box. This makes it very suitable for digital beginners.


The required final position of the switch blades does not have to be programmed, as the drive adjusts all by itself every time. Up to 12mm travel is possible, which is sufficient for all standard switches. A manual fallback switch function can be activated for one of the two switching directions at a time. And, of course, the drive shifts very silently. The EVO-S would not have been suitable for outdoor use if it had not been especially designed for this purpose


Please note the electronics are not located to the base of this unit which means there will be no ingress of water to the unit as this is floating in an air cushion and sealed to protect it from both water and humidity therefore keeping the electronics dry at all times protecting the drive system fully from both elements. Should any rain get into the EVO-S it is drained out and the unit can be used as normal when done. Should the the motor fail it can be easily replaced by routine uncomplicated servicing.


For the first time, a switch drive combines robust drive technology with many refinements, in an unprecedented housing design:

analog and digital operation thanks to integrated decoder
especially small and compact design
freewheel function for cutting (can be switched off)
fixed switch tongue can be activated with only one CV
manual fallback turnout function
real outdoor suitability due to innovative housing construction
no switch travel adjustment due to self-adjustment
direct operation out of the box, without programming effort
Ideal for digital beginners
and much more