Pi-SPROG ~ 3 v2 Package ~ DCC Package For Pi

Sprog DCC

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Pi-SPROG 3 v2 Package ~ DCC Package For Pi

Pi-SPROG 3 v2 is new upgraded edition of our Raspberry Pi-compatible DCC controller and programmer. With with an integral 2.5 Amp track output, the Pi-SPROG 3 v2 will drive a wide range of layouts, depending on the total current requirements of the loco fleet and accessories.
You can also connect further boosters such as our own SBOOST II. In this respect it is similar in operation to the SPROG II and SPROG 3 products that are part of the SPROG DCC range.

The Pi-SPROG 3 v2 is a member of the 5th generation of SPROG products, and is a part of the new "Plus" hardware family. See the SPROG 3 Plus User Guide for more details.

We supply Pi-SPROG 3 v2 with a 15V 3A regulated power supply and all needed software and instructions for you to set up your Raspberry Pi.
This is intended for those users who already own a suitable Raspberry Pi and are happy to configure their own system.
Full instructions to create a suitable Linux image for your Pi model are provided, and we now also include a full image in microSD card.