TCS ~ DCC LCC Booster ~ 15 Volt ~ B-106


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TCS B-106 ~ DCC LCC Booster ~ 15 Volt

The B-106 is an intelligently-designed DCC Auxiliary Booster with LCC integration as well as a built-in RailCom® detector. Thoughtfully designed to outperform in every area, the B-106 is the perfect for layout builders or renovators looking for a highly-capable DCC Booster with the latest and greatest technology available.

The B-106 features "Soft Start" for starting up large blocks with lots of locomotives, as well as configurable short circuit detection for the mainline track output which decreases the likelihood of burning up fouled decoders.

Also included in the package with the B-106 is the Power Supply and AC cord, as well as a detachable track power connector.

Power Supply Selection: When selecting a power supply voltage, you choice should depend on two factors: 1) Modeling Scale 2) Maximum loco speed. For smaller scales such as Z, N, TT, etc., the 12V supply is recommended. The 12V supply is also acceptable for larger scales such as HO; however, if you like to run your trains at higher speeds the 15V supply increases the maximum voltage available to the motor, allowing your models to reach higher top speeds. This is particularly beneficial to modelers of bullet trains and other high-speed passenger services. Both power supply options are rated to supply the CS-105 with up to 5 Amperes of continuous current all day long!

Small Package; Big Power
The B-106 is not only feature-packed, but also highly capable with plenty of horsepower for your railroad. The B-106 has a user-configurable short circuit protection algorithm and current limit up to 6 Amperes. Unlike many systems on the market, when we say "6 Amps continuous" we mean it! The B-106 can supply up to 6 Amperes of current to your railroad all day and all night long.

Global RailCom® Transmission
The B-106 has the ability to add a RailCom cutout onto the rails for use with RailCom command stations such as the CS-105. The B-106 also features a "global" RailCom transmitter which operates over LCC to send back RailCom data from within its own district to the command station.

Multiple Connection Modes
The B-106 can be used in conjunction with a CS-105 command station, or adapted for use with any other DCC command station with the "Booster Adapter."

Full-Text Menus
The settings of the B-106 can be accessed through a CV programming or JMRI. Configuration menus and options are listed in full words and phrases. No guess work or manuals needed!

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