WVD ESU Loksound 5 Micro Next18 Adapter For Kato F2, F3, F7, FP7, F40PH, P42


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WVD ESU Loksound 5 Micro Next18 Adapter For Kato F2, F3, F7, FP7, F40PH, P42

The WVD LokSound 5 Micro Adapter is a drop-in Next18 decoder adapter board that is designed to be installed in Kato DCC-ready N scale F2, F3, F7, F40PH and P42 locomotives. No more hardwiring and trace cutting needed for sound in these specific units, simply solder your speaker wires and LEDs onto the adapter and go!

The adapter was created to simplify the decoder installation process for hobbyists who wish to add sound and/or custom LED lighting to their N scale locomotives as well as UNLOCK the usually unavailable AUX3 and AUX4 functions on the normal LokSound 5 Micro form factor.

Excess wiring in your locomotive is eliminated by using the clearly labeled solder pads for connecting a speaker, LEDs, and/or keep alive capacitors to help maintain smooth operation while traversing not-so-clean track or insulated frog turnouts. The WVD LokSound 5 Micro Adapter includes built-in current-limiting resistors for running LEDs directly wired to the board/decoder for up to nine function outputs controlled by the decoder.

These functions are:



Aux 1-7

Additional pads for the U+ and GND rails.

In order to use Aux 5-7, wiring directly to the decoder will be required as the cathode pads for AUX5 and AUX6 are on the decoder, and the Logic Level output for AUX7 requires a jumper wire to the specific AUX7 Logic pad on the board. The pickup strips require Kapton tape isolation like every other DCC installation of this board form factor.

It is recommended that Kapton tape be applied over the Next18 connector region onto the mechanism to prevent any accidental disconnections when the shell is reinstalled. A piece of Kapton will be included on the board, and a full wiring diagram for the board will be provided with each purchase.

To fit the decoder in a Kato F2, F3, F7 and FP7, nubs on the roof interior will need to be removed in order to fit. Pictures in the listing show the specific nubs to be removed

Supported decoders include the following Electronic Solutions Ulm (ESU) products:

LokSound DCC - 58820, 58821, 58823, 58828

LokSound Multiprotocol - 58810, 58813, 58814, 58816, 58818

LokPilot DCC - 59824, 59828

LokPilot Multiprotocol - 59814, 59818

Each adapter will be tested for functionality prior to being shipped to the customer. Locomotive not included, decoder not included, speaker not included. This newest version of this board (v4), includes an additional U+ pad and the previous silkscreen error for AUX5+ and AUX6+ is fixed.