Massoth ~ EMOTION M ~ G, O, S & HO Scale ~ Tiny 1.2 Amp DCC Motor Decoder ~ 8154501


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Massoth ~ eMOTION M ~ G, O, S & HO Scale ~ Tiny 1.2 Amp DCC Motor Decoder ~ 8154501


Tiny driving decoder for very small installation space offering 1.2amp motor load with 5 functions connections for other connections including servo control. Designed for small engines as industrial field railway locomotives, etc. Designed for parallel and serial operation, compatible with LGB MTS. Direct Buffer Control connection.


Especially small 1.2 amp driving decoder with 6 function outputs, suitable for small locomotives with 1 motor. The eMOTION M locomotive decoder is an NMRA/DCC compatible locomotive decoder, which with its particularly small dimensions is suitable for retrofitting and direct connection to a gearbox (4 pins) in very small locomotives: e.g. small garden railway locomotives, but also locomotives of smaller tracks, e.g. H0. Its total power handling capacity is max. 1.8 amps. The decoder has 5 function outputs. With an additional voltage buffer, it can perform its service in analogue and digital mode even more safely and thus avoids being exposed to dirty spots on the track.

The features of the eMOTION M locomotive decoder at a glance:

14, 28 and 128 speed steps
Motor output loadable with 1.2A
programmable travel curve
Adjustable starting, middle and maximum speed (as well as delay times)
serial and parallel control for all light and function outputs
Control of parallel data updates (LGB®)
Digital and analog operation with automatic recognition
compatible to NMRA DCC and LGB MZS (all generations)
Latest generation load control (for digital and analogue operation)
adjustable motor frequency (70Hz – 16 kHz)
2 light connections (front, rear) max. 0.3A each
5 function outputs (2 x 0.3A, 2 x 0.05A and 1 x 0.01A (5V))
Connection for a model making servo
Light and function outputs can be dimmed and activated in analog mode
programmable flashing light and short time function
Shunting mode and delay times can be switched via function key
simple function mapping with direction assignment
all function outputs freely addressable (F1 to F16)
Integrated voltage buffer connection for smooth running (accessory: 8151001 or 8151501)
Overload and temperature protection for motor and function outputs
Reset function for all CV values
Read CV
CV Write
Write CV bit by bit
CV indirect (by register programming for older digital systems)
direct register programming (CV 1 – CV4)
POM – Program on Main (programming on the track)