SPROG 3 Stand Alone DCC Programmer ~ With Power Supply, Cable & USB Stick

Sprog DCC

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SPROG 3 Stand Alone DCC Programmer ~ With Power Supply, Cable & USB Stick

SPROG 3 provides a one-stop source for setting up and running any DCC locomotives; ideal for off-layout programming and test set-ups.

  • SPROG 3 has sufficient power to program sound decoders, even in large scales, so no power booster is necessary.

  • SPROG 3 works with all those "difficult" decoders that don't seem to read back on other systems.

  • SPROG 3 also includes the ability to test your locos, or run your layout, with on-screen computer control, and full DCC operation.

SPROG 3 provides the same programming and control features of the SPROG II, in the same compact package, but with a major increase in available power output.
The power increase is really useful for those wanting to run their layout from DCC, in the most economical way.
With up to 2.5A, the SPROG3 will enable you to run as many as 10 locomotives simultaneously
(typical operating load for N and modern HO locos is under 0.25A each, even for most sound locos!).
Note: Increased current is not generally required for CV programming, as this is specified by the NMRA not to exceed 250mA.

We supply SPROG 3 with a 15V 3A regulated power supply and all needed cables and software.
SPROG 3 is now also available with an 18V 3A regulated power supply for better performance with G-Scale.

There are several SPROG products now available, so which one is right for your needs?

All SPROG products are sold in the North American market with appropriate high-quality regulated power supply, power and USB computer cables and all software on USB Flash drive or SD card as appropriate, with full instructions.