SPROG SBoost II Package ~ 2.5 Amp Booster With Power Supply ~ Works With All DCC Systems

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SPROG SBoost II ~ 2.5 Amp Booster ~ Works With All DCC Systems

SBOOST is the solution to increase available track power for any DCC system.
Ever had the need for a booster? This is the booster from the SPROG DCC stable.

Compact package, 2.5A and auto-reverse, power supply included!
The ideal companion to the SPROG II, with a 2.5A output and a higher maximum track voltage, SBOOST extends the SPROG II usage for larger layouts and the larger scales.
Although specifically designed for use with SPROG II and SPROG3, and the new Pi-SPROG, with opto-isolated inputs SBOOST can be coupled to any DCC system to offer multiple power districts, and also user-selectable auto-reverse section